Accelerate Learning in Your Classroom

  While using station teaching or acceleration centers as an approach to co-teaching is often very successful for both teachers and students, it is important to use this approach correctly.  To help those co-teachers already using, or thinking about implementing, an acceleration center approach in their classroom, here are: Tips for Successful Acceleration Centers Reassign […]

Diversity in the Classroom: A Need for Change

  Teaching to a diverse range of students with different needs at times can feel overwhelming for any classroom teacher.  Students in the United States vary from cultural backgrounds, religion, social statuses and even political views. Globalization involves the transformation of our nation.  Such as, the acceptance of other citizens coming to our land, whether […]

Friendly Body Language for Effective Communication in Teaching

  Albert Mehrabian at the psychology department of the University of California proved in the 1960s that 55% of all communication is body language. There may have been some debate about the exact figure since then, but one thing is for certain: body language is key to effective communication and is particularly important in teaching. […]

Good Education Manages To Look Easy

A century ago, progressive education introduced a fundamental mistake into the public schools. Basically, the mistake is that you do kids a favor by deleting content, diminishing substance, and simplifying everything as much as possible. Here was the theory: if schools wanted all children to become more deeply involved in education, the best way to […]

Teachable Moments

  A teachable moment is a point in time that there is an opportunity for a teacher, parent, or mentor to share a piece of knowledge with their student.  They are a point in time when due to circumstances that are not planned, the student is most receptive to learning a particular lesson. Teachable moments […]

Teacher Quality

  Teacher Quality:Definition With regard to teacher quality, Nancy Flanagan (2005) states as one of the main contributors to An Open Letter to President Bush on Teaching Quality, “Good teaching at all grade levels depends, first, on building relationships with students, forming classroom communities, then, identifying and transferring important knowledge, skills and dispositions in ways […]

Mindset and Student Success

  Students need the right mindset for success. Knowledge, skills and strategies are not enough by themselves for students to have successful lives. They must also learn how to self-regulate, manage and direct their minds. Fixed Versus Growth Mindset Carol Dweck, Stanford University Professor of Psychology and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success […]

Saving Students From Stress

  Our students are drowning. They are no longer students. Rather, they are test taking robots. Learn this. Memorize that. Sit up straight. Do your homework. Pass the test. Do not fail. Elementary students are put under more stress than ever with the world becoming as competitive as it is. Not only are these students […]

What Does It Mean To Be a Teacher?

“I hate this stupid job!”  I cursed after my elementary students left the classroom. It was the end of another agonizing day at work.  The children had brutally taken advantage of me – just like they had the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that.  I’d been a schoolteacher for […]

Character: The Foundation of Education

  The purpose of education is to draw out the best from our students. It should be about more than just making good grades on bubble tests and making money after graduation. Education should teach students how to learn and to develop a love for life-long learning. Students need to learn to think for themselves. […]