Why not exempt our educators for an income tax

A new bill proposed in the California State Senate would completely eliminate income tax for teachers who have been in the profession for six years. Senate Bill 807, also known as the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act, is an attempt to provide incentives for teachers to stay in the profession in a state troubled by a shortage […]

Accelerate Learning in Your Classroom

  While using station teaching or acceleration centers as an approach to co-teaching is often very successful for both teachers and students, it is important to use this approach correctly.  To help those co-teachers already using, or thinking about implementing, an acceleration center approach in their classroom, here are: Tips for Successful Acceleration Centers Reassign […]

Diversity in the Classroom: A Need for Change

  Teaching to a diverse range of students with different needs at times can feel overwhelming for any classroom teacher.  Students in the United States vary from cultural backgrounds, religion, social statuses and even political views. Globalization involves the transformation of our nation.  Such as, the acceptance of other citizens coming to our land, whether […]

Friendly Body Language for Effective Communication in Teaching

  Albert Mehrabian at the psychology department of the University of California proved in the 1960s that 55% of all communication is body language. There may have been some debate about the exact figure since then, but one thing is for certain: body language is key to effective communication and is particularly important in teaching. […]

Good Education Manages To Look Easy

A century ago, progressive education introduced a fundamental mistake into the public schools. Basically, the mistake is that you do kids a favor by deleting content, diminishing substance, and simplifying everything as much as possible. Here was the theory: if schools wanted all children to become more deeply involved in education, the best way to […]

Teacher Quality

  Teacher Quality:Definition With regard to teacher quality, Nancy Flanagan (2005) states as one of the main contributors to An Open Letter to President Bush on Teaching Quality, “Good teaching at all grade levels depends, first, on building relationships with students, forming classroom communities, then, identifying and transferring important knowledge, skills and dispositions in ways […]

Making Way for a Better Education

  One of the very basic things that you need in order to secure a well paying job and a bright future is good education.  Indeed it all begins at home and then school and then college.  But it is at the college stage where you need to make some really important decisions.  From what […]

Common Core Standards: Focusing on the “How” to Help Student Learning

  Over the last two years, Heritage Elementary School has been able to create a laser-like focus that enables student achievement while protecting teacher autonomy in the classroom. In a time when high-stakes testing and accountability overwhelm new and veteran teachers alike, we want to empower teachers to feel confident in their abilities. Even with […]

Effective Teaching Strategies: Six Keys to Classroom Excellence

  What are makes an effective teacher? This particular list of teaching characteristics appears in an excellent book that is all but unknown in the states, Learning to Teach in Higher Education, by noted scholar Paul Ramsden. In the case of what makes teaching effective, he writes, “…a great deal is known about the characteristics […]

Practical Tips for Cultivating a Learning Relationship with Students

  Take a moment right now to ask yourself who your best teachers were growing up. Now list the qualities that made them your best teachers. Looking at your list, you will probably notice something interesting. When I have faculty do this, they invariably list qualities such as “cared for my learning” or “cared for […]