Special Education has always been a second fiddle in the Educational System.  Thus, as a special educator, I have to contribute to show that special educators are equally important staff as well as the general educators and other specialists in contributing to the success of each learner and in building the foundation in the Educational System at any school district.

Dr. Nancy Blair stated that “mindful leadership is a process of influence that nurtures the capacity of self, others and the system to achieve a goal” (Laureate, 2007).  Truly an effective teacher leader entails lots of responsibilities.  As a teacher leader, I need to know my capabilities and focus on the goal that I will be working on to give direction and mind set as to what my priorities should be to be able to be of service to my students, colleagues and the community.  I believe that teacher is a classroom leader that influences the students to learn better.  A teacher is a community leader as well that helps the community to move and act for the betterment of the students.  The community is the extension of the school system.  Thus, for a student to perform better in school to achieve success, the community has to serve as the student’s model and inspiration to motivate and give the students purpose in life.

As a special educator working to be a teacher leader, I need to learn how to collaborate to other specialists as well as to the community officials in order to create a mobile effect of change that is beneficial to the student.    …Read More