A teachable moment is a point in time that there is an opportunity for a teacher, parent, or mentor to share a piece of knowledge with their student.  They are a point in time when due to circumstances that are not planned, the student is most receptive to learning a particular lesson. Teachable moments are spontaneously generated, and the moment may or may not be repeated.  This once in a lifetime aspect of teachable moments mean that it is important for adults to take advantage of each and every teachable moment that occurs in their student’s life.

While it is important that all parents take advantage of teachable moments, it is particularly important for homeschooling parents to utilize these opportunities because they are not only parent but teacher.

There are three things that parents and teachers must do to have maximum impact during teachable moments.

Encourage the child’s natural, inquisitive nature. When children are encouraged to ask questions, and are given answers that are age appropriate to questions, they learn that inquiring is not only acceptable, but encouraged.  Consider the time period when children are learning language, and they point at an item, a ball perhaps.  The young parent immediately jumps in and supplies the word ball.  In the moment when a child discovers the item has a name, she is encouraged to ask what other things are, and colors, shapes. There seem to be many teachable moments when a child is very young, because they have so much to learn.  If the parent fosters a child’s curiosity when the child is young, then there will be more teachable moments as the child grows older.  If the parent is unresponsive to the child’s desire to learn, then there are likely to be fewer teachable moments as the child gets older.  … Read More