Our students are drowning. They are no longer students. Rather, they are test taking robots. Learn this. Memorize that. Sit up straight. Do your homework. Pass the test. Do not fail. Elementary students are put under more stress than ever with the world becoming as competitive as it is. Not only are these students having to compete with one another, they are expected to compete on a global level. This article addresses the kinds of stress students are having to deal with, the pressures on teachers to teach to a test, and ways to handle these types of pressures. This article also addresses ways to help these teachers and students cope with the mental block brought on by pressure and stress.

“Don’t try to fix the students, fix ourselves first. The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student surperior. When our students fail, we, as teacher, too, have failed. ”  -Marva Collins

Today’s school experience can be summed up in a solo word: pressure. Pressure is placed on the school board to make sure it hires the right teachers and that they are implementing the curriculum in the best way. Pressure is placed on the teachers to teach the students all of the necessary knowledge to pass state and national tests. However, through research, it has been found that the most pressure is placed on the students themselves.

In today’s times, our children are not only having to compete against one another, but now, they are having to compete on a global scale. Students are put under an immense amount of pressure, which leads to unnecessary stress. Now that teachers are having to “teach to the test” and compete with the rest of the country and world, we are losing the creativity and the curiosity in the classroom.  … Read More