Establishing a positive environment within your classroom is not something that will happen straight away. As you adjust various aspects of your classroom, you will start to notice slow changes beginning to have their effect on your students and the quality of your teaching. This often involves trial and error and the slight adjustment of your reaction to a situation. This article will highlight five tips to help you to start making small changes to your classroom routine that may create a more optimistic classroom setting.

1. Self discipline. It is essential that you learn to control your emotions and anger and you will find controlling your class a lot easier. Practice disciplining your emotions, body language, facial expressions and tone of voice, as well as your choice of words. Let students who cause disruptions have a bit of ‘wiggle room’ to avoid any further physical or emotional confrontation.

2. Stop taking things personally. Whenever a student displays a bad attitude or behavior or uses foul language, remember that it is completely unrelated to you and that it is not directed at you. When you master taking yourself out of the equation, you will find it a lot easier to be less judgmental and see things from both points of view. You will also be more able to recognize when a student is distressed. All of these will make the situation a lot less threatening and easier to solve.  … Read More