Many teachers will find that a particular class might drag. For them, this could sometimes be a once-off thing and generally they get on well with a particular group of people. But everyone, now and then, will come across a group of students who appear bored by everything.

There could be a number of reasons for this. When teaching in a large company, it could be that the people there are only doing it to get out of work. Having a language trainer in is a great excuse for many people to skive off for a bit. Children might be taking classes because their parents are making them: this is usually the case. Therefore, one needs to keep the students interested and engaged at all times. Allowing them to become bored will cause their minds to wander. Not paying attention will mean that they will absorb very little information. Here are several pieces of advice which a teacher can use in order to keep a class’s attention.

Try these ideas to keep your class Interesting:

1. Role play

Putting two people into a situation where they have to act out specific roles can be a very effective method of language learning. A lot of people quite enjoy this, too. There are many benefits. The student isn’t simply sitting there and passively taking notes: they are actively involved in the class and hat is going on. They need to think creatively …. Read More