Tired of excuses? Try these strategies for helping kids take responsibility for their success.

Do you have students who constantly make excuses? Do they try to blame away poor grades and behavioral infractions on their teachers or fellow students without assuming any responsibility for their actions? Do they mischaracterize their mistakes while recounting the day’s activities to a parent? Is there anything you can do to change their ways?

Making students accountable for their own success isn’t easy, but fortunately your colleagues have some tried and true approaches to help students step up to the plate and become responsible learners.

Creating a Positive and Respectful Group Atmosphere for Students

One place to start is creating a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to accountability and responsible learning.

Teacher working with student on a project“Establish, practice, and enforce expectations and consequences,” says Kate Ortiz, a retired teacher and classroom management expert. “The goal is for students to take ownership of their own behavior. Creating a positive group identity and helping each student know that they are part of the group helps.”

Ortiz also strives to create a culture of mutual respect that allows students to feel like adults.  … Read More