The quality of someone’s teaching does not just refer to how much information they manage to get into their student’s heads or the results that they produce. It also refers to their technique and presentation. Many teachers have a fantastic amount of knowledge that would be greatly useful to students, but they have no idea of how to express it. Great teaching often has less to do with wisdom and skills, but more to do with their attitude to their student, their subject and their work. This article explains the top five characteristics of great teachers, and how to incorporate them into your own lessons.

1. Passion. Without truly loving what you do it is impossible to be really good at what you do. If you don’t adore your subject, then how can you expect your students to do the same? Never be afraid to show that you love what you are talking about, even if your students look at your like you are crazy when you discuss algebra with a look of love in your eyes. Your enthusiasm and interest will soon rub off on them.

2. Creativity. Students love a teacher who is able to make dull subjects more interesting by incorporating colorful and exciting printables into lessons or by making up games. Standardized tests and the constant offensive of new curriculums will be making this harder, but it is still extremely important. Simply teaching the given material to your students does make you a good teacher, but to be a great one, you have to be prepared to develop unique learning methods and custom lesson plans.

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