Author: Titser

Why not exempt our educators for an income tax

A new bill proposed in the California State Senate would completely eliminate income tax for teachers who have been in the profession for six years. Senate Bill 807, also known as the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act, is an attempt to provide incentives for teachers to stay in the profession in a state troubled by a shortage of educators. “Teachers are the original job creators”, said Democratic state Sen. Henry Stern, who introduced the bill along with fellow Democratic Sen. Cathleen Galgiani, in a statement. “The teaching profession is critical to California’s economic success and impacts every vocation and profession in the state.”...

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Things you need to know on Senior High School voucher

How much will SHS cost? SHS is free for students who go to public schools, just like the earlier grades. For private SHS students, costs will vary by school but they may avail of some government tuition subsidy upon request. What kind of financial assistance is being extended to public school students who opt to transfer to a private SHS? Grade 10 completers from public schools who want to enroll in a private or non-DepEd SHS automatically qualify for financial assistance through the SHS voucher program. All Grade 10 completers from private schools may also apply for a voucher....

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